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Updated: May 30, 2021

Written by : Md Ahmar Aslam (Marketing)

Care Labels are very important in clothing industries. Instruction given on the care label are small solutions to big problem. It is used as way to provide basic information of the composition of fabric and care instructions. It provides guideline to the user about the apparel care and the best cleaning process that can be used for that particular fabric. The instruction on the labels helps the user to maintain the appearance and fit of the garment for a long period of time.

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Here are some of the guidelines detailed on the label:

  • How to clean the garment whether to get it dry cleaned or hand washed.

  • The temperature that the garment can be ironed if at all.

  • The temperature of the water ate which the fabric can be washed.

  • Whether the garment can be washed in the washing machine, if yes what setting should be used.

  • If the garment should be dried in the washing machine or to be air dried.

  • Bleaching allowed or not.

Care label state if a garment needs to be hand washed or machined washed and let it air dry or if its safe to dry it in washing machine. Numerous times garments such as sweater have to be naturally dried to prevent it from shrinking. Items such as leisure suits, winter coats or even comforter often needs to be cleaned by a special dry cleaning or fabric steamers. Some garments cannot be submerged for a period of time in hot or cold water, or even cleaned with regular detergents.

From the seller point of view, any damage to the garment from incorrect cleaning methods can lead to complaints or worse customer can return the goods and a bad image for the company. An accurate and clearly written care label can prevent customer dissatisfaction. Because of the importance of care label, it is securely sewn into the inside of the garment to ensure that its lasts as long as the garments life.

Many different types of care labelling system have evolved over the world. Some of them have been established by the government, while others are international standards. Not all of them are mandatory. Care label standard are applied on everyone who is part of the manufacturing processes that is the supplier, importers, distributors, retailers and the producer of the product.

The problem faced when you don’t follow the instruction on the care label:

  • Fabric ripping: Using very hard detergent can lead to weaking the fabric which will eventually lead to garment just ripping off.

  • Garment shrinking: This can happen when you don’t follow the instruction given on the care label. The garment just shrinks and now our favorite sweater is one size smaller.

  • Colour fading: Using wrong detergent, process or water temperature can weaken the bond between the die and the fabric which will cause the garment to shed its colour. So now you have a greyish jeans instead of jet black.

What Care label symbol mean?

All the symbols have a specific meaning so Let us explain what are different symbol on the care label means. Here are some symbols that you can see in a care label:

  • Drying symbols.

  • Dry cleaning symbols.

  • Hand washing symbols.

  • Ironing symbols.

  • Synthetic symbols.


  • If your label has a logo of circle inside a square, your item can be dried inside washing machine.

  • The symbol of a dot inside the circle suggests the temperature the fabric can withstand:

    • 1 Dot = Low temperature.

    • 2 Dot = Medium temperature.

    • 3 Dot = High temperature.

  • If there is cross over the circle inside a square that means the garment cannot be dried inside a washing machine.


  • If the label has a small circle on it that mean the garment must be dry cleaned.

  • If there are line underneath the circle to indicate the level of precaution one must take while dry cleaning, the more number line underneath the more careful one must be while cleaning the fabric.

  • If there is a letter inside the circle it indicates to dry clean and what kind of chemical to used.

  • If there is a cross over the circle that symbol suggests you must not dry clean the garment or fabric.


  • If your care label has a string or rope being twisted that means your garment can be wrung or twisted.

  • If the label has a cross over the twisted string or rope that means you should not wring the garment.

  • If the label has symbol of a tub with a hand on it, your garment can be hand washed


  • Symbol of an iron with dot in it suggest the different temperature of heat that can be applied without damaging the garment:

    • 1 Dot : Delicates.

    • 2 Dots: Synthetics.

    • 3 dots: Linen and cotton.

  • Your garment can be ironed at any temperature if there is a symbol of iron with no dots in it.

  • If there is a cross over the iron symbol one should not iron the garment or else it may damage it.


  • If your care label has a symbol of a tub with a cross on top of it you should not wash the garment.

  • The number inside the tub symbol indicates the maximum temperature that can be used to wash the garment.

  • Your garment can be washed in the washing machine if your care label has a tub symbol on it.

  • The more lines underneath the tub symbol indicates a reduction of spinning and rinsing:

    • No Line: The garment or fabric can be spun and rinsed normally.

    • 1 Line: Spin speed to wash the garment must be reduced.

    • 2 Lines: Mild wash but can be spun and rinsed as normal.

There are different material on which the Wash care instruction labels are made. Most preferred material world wide is Satin Material on which the care labels are made.

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