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Different Clothing labels used for various products in market.

Updated: May 29, 2021

Written By:- Hemanshi Jain (International Marketing)

Garment label is not just a piece of cloth. It is a mode of communication between a brand and its communication . It say what actually the product is which customer is buying and can get relate to . Today , in this blog we are going to discuss different clothing labels that are used on various products you buy in market.

Listed below are the types of products and their label types: -

1. Apparel

  • Woven labels

  • Heat-press labels

  • Printed labels

2. Handkerchief

  • Quilt label

3. Mask

  • Woven labels

  • Printed labels

4. Bedsheets

  • Folded satin labels

  • Printed on front and back label since it is folded

5. Bath towels

  • Hanging tag labels

  • Damask woven labels

  • Printed labels

6. Socks

  • Iron on clothing label

7. Blanket

  • Care label

  • Custom printed satin care label

  • Manufacturer label

8. Carpet

  • Heat seal labels

  • Printable labels

  • Textile Material labels (Acetate/polyester satin, cotton, etc.)

9. Pet collar

  • Taffeta Woven labels

  • Printed Labels

10. Swimwear

  • Woven labels

  • Printed labels

  • Heat transfer labels

Explaining the points briefly below: -

1. Apparel: - Woven labels, printed label and heat-press label is mostly attached in different location such as back of the neck, under the side seam, near the cuff area, or written over the selvedge of the fabric.

Woven labels: - This type of label is made on a loom instead of being digitally printed. It means that the design in your logo, text and artwork are actually woven into the tag rather then printed onto it. Woven labels are soft and usually a bit more durable than a printed label. The tags can be made out of a variety of materials and each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. It is mostly attached in different location such as back of the neck, under the side seam, near the cuff area, or written over the selvedge of the fabric.

Printed labels: - It is commonly made of satin, cotton, Tyvek or a poly blend fabric. Printed tags are made by making the tag itself first and then digitally printed on the logo, instructions, or whatever you need to go on the label. The labels such like this are soft but they may not hold up over time and many machine washes.

Heat-Transfer labels: - It is also referred to as tag-less labels which are used when customers want to market their brand without the majority of the normal woven label. It’s applied directly into the garment using a heat press or home iron. It won’t itch the skin, are soft to the touch and stretch with the material.

2.Handkerchief: -

Quilt Label: - It’s easy to form and have many ways to do it. The quilt label is a piece of fabric with information about the quilt and the maker which is attached to the back of the quilt. The quilters are likely to put it on the bottom right corner the quilt’s back side in handkerchief.

3.Mask: - It’s mostly seen in side seam or over the material.

Woven Labels: - In mask it’s usually used 100% cotton label. This kind of label is soft and usually bit more durable.

Printed labels: - It is commonly made of satin, cotton or a poly blend fabric. Such kind of labels are soft and doesn’t hold for longer period of time and machine washes.

4. Bedsheet: - The labels are mostly in bottom left because it is based on your view when you’re lying on your back

Folded satin label: -It is satin woven labels which is polyester based lustrous thread which is soft and smooth. Results are good in quality and can be produce while using a single needle or broadloom set-up based on quality needs.

5. Bath towels: - Labels are mostly attached on the one of the corners

Hanging tag labels: - Hanging Tags labels are the brand tag. It typically used by the brands to sell their product feel more polished and retail ready.

Damask woven labels: - It’s a reversible jacquard-patterned fabric, which is formed from silk, wool, linen, cotton or synthetic fibers to urge its firm and glossy pattern from weaving. It’s often wanted to customize garment labels, because it features a thinner thread than most other woven fabric labels- thinner the thread, higher the Standard.

Printed labels: - It’s made on a variety of materials such as satin polyester, coated polyester, iron-on and nylon.

6. Socks: -

Iron on clothing label: - These labels are very easy to stay. Its durable doesn’t wear out on washing or drying. The iron on clothing label is placed on the sole of the foot from toe to heel to avoid the stretch.

7. Blanket: - The label is usually attached on the top or bottom of the corner so that it is visible to the customer.

Care label: - It’s a permanent label or tag, which contains regular care information and direction, that’s attached or affixed in such a manner that it doesn’t separated from the material and can remain legible during the useful lifetime of the material.

Custom printed satin care label: - It is designed in a such a way to tell the customer about the material of your product and washing instruction with the silky texture.

Manufacturer label: - It basically include manufacturer’s code given by buyers. If buyer needs to track the manufacturer of a particular product, they can use this code.

8. Carpet: - The labels are mostly attached at the bottom corner of the carpet.

Heat seal labels: - It is also called heat transfer label which shows the brand logo or the other important message. It is very attractive label to the customer so the quality of label used to be first class and label attaching to this process is very sensitive.

Printable labels: - It is basically you print the design directly on the fabric sheet, then iron the fabric sheet to set the ink, after that cut the label to size and stitch the labels into your clothing or other handmade product.

Textile Material labels (Acetate/polyester satin, cotton, etc.): - It is a small label usually made up of satin, nylon, etc. It is intended to convey important information to the consumer.

9. Pet collar: -

Taffeta Woven labels: - it is the most inexpensive woven garment label. It is soft in touch, less weave density and plain weaving textile fabric labels. This type of label is good in durable woven quality that withstands wear and tear.

Printed Labels: - It is the label which is written or printed information or symbols about the product.

10. Swimwear: - The labels are mostly attached on the back of the swimwear

Woven labels: - It’s made up of polyester threads that are woven together on a loom to present the required designs and messaging.

Printed labels: - it’s the label which is written or printed information or symbols about the product.

Heat transfer labels: - It’s basically how of taking a printed image and fixing the image directly into the garment so on to repeat the image into the garment itself.

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